What is Competitive Safari?


Competitive Safari is a form of off road racing where vehicles modified for the competition are timed around a set course. It is also referred to as Cross Country Motorsport. It is very similar to Single Stage Rallying, however there are no set start times on the day – this means that if you break your car then fix it before your next run around the course you will be able to stay in the competition. Competitors typically get around 6-10 runs, depending on the individual event. Events take place roughly every 6 weeks.


Competitors can drive alone, though it is more common for them to have a passenger and a mechanical team to make repairs between runs. Its also massively more fun having a group of people supporting.


The course is often run through forestry and private land consisting of woodland, fields, forest roads, grass, mud and gravel. Volunteers marshal the course and make sure the organisers know where everyone is and ensure the safety of competitors.


The vehicles are 4x4s modified with lightened bodies, more powerful engines and more capable suspension.


Competitive Safari includes events such as The British Cross Country Championship, The Freelander Challenge and the AWDC Competitive Safari Championship.


What do I need?


- Vehicle modified to the MSA Technical Regulations for off road vehicles, with scrutineering log book. Log books are available at events.


- MSA Non-Race Clubman’s Competition license.


- Membership to your chosen club, we recommend the AWDC as they have the most events throughout the year.


- MSA Compliant Helmet & sensible shoes – a fireproof race suit is not a requirement but is recommended. We can source these for you.






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