What is Off Road Challenge?


Challenge is very similar to Trials, however teams have a ‘punch card’ attached to their vehicle during scrutineering (the pre-competition safety check). The team must then maneuver the vehicle to a checkpoint, where there will be a hole punch hanging for them to mark their card with. The punch card may not be removed from the vehicle, so you must get close enough to reach it with the hanging hole punch!


There are also extra opportunities to gain points, these can be mental or physical tasks, or tasks involving using a different provided vehicle to complete an obstacle.


Challenge events take place in tough terrain, including tight forestry, steep inclines and deep mud pits. The terrain is often more challenging than that of Trials competitions. There is a blanket speed limit in place of 15mph.


Volunteer marshals oversee the course as well as record points and give instruction on special tasks. All drivers must have a full driving license, and you can enter from the age of 16.


What do I need?


- Club membership to the AWDC. The AWDC run the most Challenge events in the UK.


- MSA Clubman’s Competition License. Let us know if you need help obtaining a Competition License.


- Vehicle modified to comply with AWDC Challenge Technical Regulations.





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