What are Off Road Trials?


Trials are events where the drivers must prove their off road driving skills. Competitors must get their vehicle through some tight spots called ‘gates’ and marked out with canes while driving through tough terrain. The terrain can include mud pits, steep inclines, rocky surfaces, slippery surfaces, tight trees and sharp turns. There are usually at least 8 sections for the drivers to complete. When a driver completes the section without touching a marker or stopping, this is called a clear section and they receive no penalty points.


Children from the age of 13 can compete in “Tyro” type Trials, provided their passenger has experience with off road driving, holds a full license and that both team members are club members. Tyro trials differ from regular Trials in the complexity of the course. There are also RTV (Road Taxed Vehicle) Trials, where the vehicles must be taxed for road use and CCV (Cross Country Vehicle) Trials, in which the vehicles are usually trailered to the event and built specifically to compete.


Volunteer marshals help to keep track of the scoring and ensure the course is safe. It is possible to share a car between teams, though you then run the risk of another driver damaging the vehicle you need to use!


What do I need?


- Depending on level of competition, a modified or unmodified 4x4. Your road-going 4x4 will happily compete at RTV level with only off-road tyres added. It may not win prizes, but it will have a good go!


- Club membership to your chosen club, we recommend the AWDC as they run a trials event almost every weekend somewhere in the country. There are more local clubs, as well as brand-specific clubs.


If you would like to have a go in a purpose-built trials vehicle without the initial expense of buying your own or the pressure of competition, check out our sister site;



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