What is Rally Raid, what is Baja?


All out endurance rallying. Long distance racing off road. To many, these style events are the whole reason they got into racing in the first place. To rev on the start-line of the Dakar or take the first jump in front of the crowds at the Baja 1000. They take place over rough terrain with little guidance other than the GPS positioning or rough stage notes.


Races in this category include; The Dakar (now held in South America), the Baja 1000 the TransAnatolia Rally Raid, Rallye des Pharaons, Central Europe Rally, Spanish Baja, Raid De Himalaya, Klang Valley Rally Raid and Russian Baja Northern Forest.


The FIA have a series called the FIA Cross Country Rally World Cup, which most of these rally raid style races are part of.


A Rally Raid includes stages, whereas a Baja is a single long stage that can run on for days.


To compete you need to have worked up through the different disciplines, raced internationally and proven that you are skilled enough to take it on. These races are very hard to do without a full team behind you – the bigger teams have full service trucks, state of the art navigation and communication systems and massive mechanic teams. Often these races are won on logistic organization.


What do I need?


- Current FIA International License, earned through competing in at least two national competitions in the year before.


- Off road vehicle modified to the FIA Rally Raid Specifications.


- To speak to us, we can help with all of the above.








The trailer for Dust to Glory; a documentary on the Baja 1000


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